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Wholesale gemstones : Precious stone such as cabochon ruby, cut ruby gemstone,  loose rubies,  sapphire gemstone. Semi - precious loose stones supplier.


Swd  is  leading Thailand  exporter  gemstones. We specialize in ruby gemstone and sapphire gemstone. Our products come from Thailand, Australia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Myanmar, Brazil and Cambodia mining.


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We  have  a  physical  store on  Silom Road "Thailand". You  can buy precious, semi-precious stone from our website. Our products on  the  website  are the same as  in  our  store. We concern about security  payment  and  trust  issue. So, we  are  using  128  bits encryption  for  your  payment and escrow services in order make sure you  will  get good and high quality gemstones.

What is gemstone?

The term  gemstone  is applied  to those materials, usually  after they are cut and polished, that are sufficiently attractive and durable to be used for personal adornment.

What is precious and semi-precious stone?

The  term  precious  and  semi-precious stone  have  been  used  to distinguish the more valuable from the less valuable gems. Since there is no rigid set of criteria  that separates gems of  great value from those of less value, these  terms should  be  abandoned  and  all  such  materials referred  to as gem stones or simply gems

What is ruby gemstone or loose rubies?

Ruby  is Corundum. Normally, corundum has two most important gem varieties, ruby (medium  light  to dark  orange  red  to purplish red) and sapphire (greenish blue to violetish blue).

Loose rubies is also ruby we usually call them when they are not finish jewelry.

What is sapphire gemstone?

Sapphire  is  also Corundum, but  they are not red. So, it is applied  to corundum material that has the color greenish blue to violetish blue. It is also used  to colors  that  are collectively  referred  to  as "fancy" sapphires and are described by their color, such as pink, yellow, green sapphires.

What is emerald?

Emerald  is  applied  to green  variety  of  the mineral beryl. Emerald's precious  green  color  is  caused  by small amounts of  chromium  and enhanced by traces of iron. Unlike other beryls, emeralds often contain inclusions and other  flaws. These  flaws are  not looked on as negative aspects  for  emerald like they  would be for other gem stones. Indeed, these  flaws  are considered part of  the character of  the stone and are used to assure the purchaser of a natural stone.



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