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Some Rubies show a wonderful silky shine, the so-called "silk” of the Ruby. The reason for this phenomenon are finest rutilum needles. And now and then we will come across one of the very scarce Star Rubies. Again the rutilum mineral is involved here: it is embedded asterisk-shaped within the Ruby thus causing the charming light effect which is termed "Asterism” by the experts. If such Rubies are cut as half-dome shaped cabochons, this will result in six-ray stars which seem to magically glide across the surface of the moving stones. Star Rubies are expensive rarities Their value is assessed according to beauty and attractive colour, while transparency is secondary. Fine Star Rubies, however, should always display rays which are completely shaped including the rounding, and the stars should be situated right in the centre. Ruby is the red variety of the corundum mineral, one of the hardest minerals on Earth which also includes Sapphire. Pure corundum is colourless. Slight traces of the colour creating elements such as chrome, iron, titanium or vanadium are responsible for the colour. These gemstones show an excellent hardness. On the Moh’s Scale they achieve a hardness of 9, second only to diamonds. And only red corundum may be called Ruby, any other colour is denominate as Sapphires. The close relationship of Ruby and Sapphire has been known since the beginning of the 19th century. Up to that time, also red Garnets or Spinells were thought to be Rubies – and due to this misclassification the so-called "Black Ruby” as well as the "Timur Ruby” decorating the British Crown Jewels are probably actually no Rubies at all, but Spinells.
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For a long time India was considered as the classical country of Rubies. The literature of India contains a rich and varied knowledge collected and handed down for over two thousand years. Even the term "corundum” which we use today is derived from the Sanskrit word "kuruvinda”. In the Sanskrit language Ruby is called "ratnaraj”, which does in fact translate as "King of Gemstones”. And it was a royal welcome indeed which used to be prepared for this King of Gemstones: Whenever a spectacular Ruby crystal was found, the emperor sent out his notables to meet the precious gemstone and welcome it in appropriate style. Today Rubies decorate the insignia of many Royal Houses. But are they really all Rubies? Read on to find out more !
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Which colour would you spontaneously associate with love and vividness, passion and power? Obviously this will evoke the colour red. Red symbolizes love, it emanates warmth and a strong sense of life. Red is also the colour of Ruby, the King of gemstones. After all, in the fascinating realm of gemstones rubies are the generally accepted emperors.