“Where is blue Sapphire come from?” You should ever ask this question. There is the answer in this article.

In the world, There are many mines of blue sapphire. In each mine produce a different blue sapphire such as color, clarity, and inclusion. These factors make the price of each mine different.


Ceylon is the mine of sapphire in Sri Lanka, They have more color of sapphire. Mostly blue sapphire have grayish – blue to slightly purplish – blue color the characteristics of them is more fire, intenses color and inclusion as like as silk.

Blue Sapphire from Ceylon is more popular because it’s good quality, good color and more fire. Importantly, The price is so high.


The important blue sapphire mine in Thailand is a mind Kanchanaburi and Chanthaburi – Trad. The color of Blue sapphire is rather than beautiful.

Kanchanaburi, Thailand

At Aumphur “Borploy”, we can find a good quality blue sapphire but the color is so dark.

Chantaburi -Trad, Thailand

The most of blue sapphire is clearly and color zoning easily to see that. The color is greenish blue to dark blue. Right now, it’s too difficult to find in the market.

Madagascar, Africa

The color is nearly pastel color, pale blue , purplish blue and violetish blue. They are between Ceylon and Thailand.


Blue sapphire from Cambodia is the most of the world. The cause of politics, it was find a little bit in the market. Pailin, that ,known in thai language is come from mane of Blue mine in Cambodia. The important market is Chanthaburi because it near borderland of Cambodia.


The color is dark blue as like as an ink. The characteristic is dark color, color banding or color zoning. And mostly, darker stone are heated in Thailand to decrease color.

In the most, Blue sapphire is come from Ceylon, Kanchanaburi and Madagasca. Because they’ re good quality, good color and many stone in the mine.

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