Pink Sapphire

January 14, 2009

Sapphire is a variety of Corundum almost color of corundum is the best gemstone. It’s popular to make jewelry because it’s stable for scratch (it’s very hard) then it’s good quality and various beautiful color make it’s tend will go on for a long time.

Right now, Pink Sapphires are very popular. The biggest mine of Sapphire in Madagascar that now includes approximately thirty Thai – owned companies to help address the issues of the burgeoning gem industry. The World Bank to help Madagascar manage it’s mineral resources more effectively. In the beginning a large amount of pink Sapphires haven’t interested in dealers because they could not be sure demand and designers had very little assurance that pink Sapphire would ever have a place in the trend market.

Pink Sapphires are of corundum like all other Sapphire difference only trace element of Cr make it’s become pink. The Pink Sapphire is soft sweet in color the transparency very good almost crystal clear especially the Sapphire found in Madagascar.

Pink Sapphire medium light color it’s often to be single tone on a jewelry with fancy color and another gemstone the color of pink is natural color it is virtually impossible to enhance the pink color, unlike other sapphires.

The method to take care of pink without flow is don’t keep gemstone which different hardness together because it may be scratch.

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