SWD Ruby Sapphire Gemstone Wholesaler, the best ruby, blue sapphire, pink sapphire, and semi precious wholesaler, provided you as our valuable customer a terms and conditions that make you feel free when shopping online with us.

Terms and Conditions

  • In reference to swdgems.com requiring the price of gemstones and jewelry to become compatible with the price selling in Thailand and being genuine cost with buyer, it will be categorized the price of good from logistic charges added insurance charges so as to be in the same part. The charges of logistics and insurance shall occur on the distance and value of goods acquiring from price list of logistic company
  • The grand total that the buyers pay throughout credit cards or PayPal or D/P at sight shall be included the goods together with logistic charges.
  • After the bank approves money, SWDGems.com shall provide and inform the number for tracking to buyers through E-mail that the buyers shall be able to look into the status of goods in menu Order Tracking.
  • After signing to receive handing over goods from logistic company, buyers shall have time to examine goods in 14 days. Unless the buyer satisfy the goods, they shall be able to notify E-mail at info@swdgems.com. We shall receive returning of goods and reimbursement after deducting expense of logistics both delivery and return time.
  • The buyers shall pay for duty and other expenses that may be necessary to import the goods.
  • After signing to receive delivery from logistic company, if without any connection from buyers, swdgems.com shall be deemed to be agreeable to buy goods automatically.


  • Swdgems.com guarantees all items of goods as natural precious stone passing the process of adjusting quality by way of giving the heat that is acceptable generally and repitable for Ruby and Sapphire being past this process. (Please click “Heat Treatment“) If any precious stones become unheat, it shall stipulate on Comment in full detail page of those items.
  • Swdgems.com guarantees all part of jewelry such as; gemstones, diamonds, gold, white gold are the same as we indicated on the web. Since all jewelries are checked by quality control department and customers have 14 days of inspection period, Swdgems.com shall warrant all jewelries only 14 days after signing to receive the jewelries from Logistics Company.
  • There is only sole item of goods of swdgems.com and has been taken from that item because of color of precious stone to be alterated depending on the source of light and adjusting color of each computer’s screen. Swdgems.com tries to give the picture to be the most with reality, including not to intend in order to wide any natural defective make and giving additional data in full detail page of goods in each item that shall be reasonable of price and quality.
  • Swdgems.com tries to inform data, pictures and price thoroughly and update all the times, till trying to provide the system of good performance for service but in any case the fault appears in any steps, it shall be solved with the best solution but all these exceeding the limitation to compromise to be deemed of ceasing.
  • In each country, the duty charge of importing precious stone is different, please inquire from the customs of your country because the buyers shall be liable to duty and various expense that may be possible to import precious stone into your country.


  • Our payment gateway, Kasikorn bank, is registered with VeriSign, the leading provider of digital authentication services and products for electronic commerce. VeriSign Inc. delivers critical infrastructure services that make the Internet and telecommunications networks more intelligent, reliable, and secure.
  • Kasikorn bank uses the system of “Secure Socket Layer (SSL)” to keep the data of client and please not to inform important data such as number of credit card throughout E-mail. Please log in www.swdgems.com and submit according to step passing the process into system of security automatically.

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