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Wholesale gemstones and sapphire gemstone supplier, such as, pink, yellow, fancy, green and blue sapphire from Thailand, Australia, South  Africa, Sri Lanka "ceylon", Madagascar, Myanmar, Brazil, Cambodia.  specializes  in  ruby and sapphire gemstones.     We offer online shopping with 128 bits secure payment. Our   pink,  green,  yellow, fancy, blue sapphire gemstone suitable      for made jewelry such as ring, earrings and engagement rings, necklaces.

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Sapphire History:

Sapphire gemstone  is  the non-red  variety  of  corundum, the second hardest natural mineral known to mankind. The red variety of corundum is  Ruby. The name  sapphire  used  alone implies a  predominately blue stone. It  also  gives  us  a number of  other colors  that  are  collectively referred to as "Fancy" sapphires and  are described by their color, such as, pink, blue, yellow "golden", green, fancy saphire. 

Blue sapphires  is  the most  popular color  but orange, pink, yellow "golden", white, even black and fancy  are also interested  in  the gem trade. Even  though  fashioned gems of  these various colors  have no apparent  resemblance to one another, they  are all varieties of  the same mineral. They are chemically and physically the same, differing only in the kind and amount of trace elements they contain.

Chemical Composition:

Aluminium Oxide (AI2O3)
Csystallography : Hexagoanal - rhombohedral
Hardness : 9
Fracture : Conchodal (no cleavage)
Parting : Basel and rhombohedral
Specific Grarity : 4.00 (+0.10 / -0.05)
Colour : Various (Red, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Green, Blue, Purple, Brown, Gray, Black)
Transparency : Transparent to semi-translucent
Birefringence : 0.008
Dispersion : 0.018

Fluorescences : Various
Absorption Spectrum : Various
Inclusion : Silk, Zircon Crystals, Spinel Crystals, Fingerprint                    Inclusions

Trade Terms

The recognized  variety names for saphires have been described in the preceding and localities that come to be used somewhat confusingly to describe a  color, such as, Burma, Thai or Siam, Ceylon or Sri Lanka, Montana and Australia.


Sapphires are found associated  with the rubies of Burma, Sri Lanka, and  Thailand. The  finest saphires come from  the  Zanskar district of Kashmir. They are also found in large quantities in Australia in Central Queens land and New South Wales.


A number of enhancements are used to improve  the appearance of ruby and saphire gemstone, the most commercially important involving heating to  elevated  temperatures, inducing  heating  to  elevated  temperatures, inducing or removing color, or asterism.


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