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SWD Ruby Sapphire Gemstone Wholesaler, the leading gemstones exporter and wholesaler such as; cut and cabochon ruby, cut and cabochon sapphire in blue, pink, yellow, and fancy color. We also deal in various kind of semi precious gemstone.

SWDGems will not sell any type of artificial or synthetic gemstones. We supply gemstons to dealers, customers, and people worldwide. We offer the widest choice in varieties of Ruby stone and Sapphire gemstones at a highly competitive price. Our gemstones come to you quality guaranteed

Precious stones

Blue sapphires Cabochon blue sapphire Ruby gemstones Caboshon Ruby Pink Sapphires yellow sapphire

     Blue Sapphire                Cabochon Sapphire                  Ruby                      Cabochon Ruby               Pink Sapphire            Yellow Sapphires

Semi Precious

Amethyst aquamarine citrine prehnite cabochon rubellite rubellite tourmaline Topaz tourmaline semi-precious such as; amethyst,aquamarine, citrine, rubellite, topaz, quartz and more..

Amethyst  Aquamarine  Citrine    Prehnite Cab Rubellite Rubellite    Topaz   Tourmaline

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  • No Risk and satisfaction guaranteed.
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We are one of the world's leading sapphire and ruby supplier of the most extensive selections in facetted and cabochon cut, loose rubies, sapphires, fancy sapphires, and many other precious and semi-precious loose stones; mined from sites around the world such as Thailand, Australia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Myanmar, Brazil, Cambodia, etc.

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