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Swd import export Co., Ltd has long experience in gems and gemstones industries. We are Thailand leading in sapphires and rubies. We are import loose form site around the world, such as, India, Burma, Ceylon, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, Brazil and Africa. Our main products are sapphire and ruby gemstone

If we talk about sapphires, most gemstones lovers will immediately think of a velvety blue. It is an adaptable colour which is attractive on many people. A blue sapphire is optimally suited to a well-balanced style of life, where reliability is joined with spirit, and where there is an openness for new ideas and influences - just like the woman wearing it. The fact that this beautiful gem stone does also exist in many other colors was for a long time an piece of information known to insiders only.

In the gem stone trade any non - blue saphire is termed "fancy". And to clear up matters the colour denominations are also used, so that when talking about fancy sapphires, we talk about yellow, purple, white, green or pink Sapphire, etc. Fancy sapphires are the epitome of individualism, the perfect choice for women who love unique coloured gemstone jewellery. These Sapphires exist in a charming variety of designs - set in rings, as pendants or earrings, as solitary stones, in elegant line-ups or as sparkling.

yellow sapphire is suitable to make jewelry, such as, rings, earrings, and bracelet. It is also suitable to make jewelry with diamond. When you want to buy saphies, it is very important to buy from the reputation company, because, there also are lab saphire that is not natural gemstones.

Ruby stone is a birthstone for July. These gemstones also popular for making jewelry, especially rings and bracelet. The are a lot of source of mining, such as Thailand, "siam ruby" or Burma. The different between rubies from Thailand and Burma is the color.

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