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Thailand  wholesale gemstones and supplier cabochon ruby, cut  ruby  stone, blue, pink, yellow, fancy, green  sapphire gemstone.  is  ruby gemstone  and  pink, green, yellow, fancy, blue sapphire gemstone supplier and dealer. We offer online shopping  with 128  bits secure  payment. Our cabochon ruby, cut ruby stone suitable for  made  jewelry  such as ring, earrings and engagement rings, necklaces.

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Corundum  has  two varieties sapphire (greenish blue to violetish blue) and  ruby (medium light to dark orange red to purplish red). It  is a king of gemstones, and a symbol of love and power. The color caused mainly by corundum Ribies are founded  in Asia, Africa, such as, Myanmar, Sri Lanka "Ceylon", Thailand "Siam", Montana and South Carolina.

The most  famous locality  for  fine  rubies is the Mogak  Stone Tract  in Burma. The stones are found  in  soil resulting   from  the  weathering of metamorphosed  limestone. The  rubies of  Thailand are  found  in  the southeast of the country near the Cambodian border, The rubies in Sri Lanka are found  with sapphire  in  gravels in the Ratnapura, Rakwana, and Elahera districts. Star rubies are also found at the Burmese and Sri Lankra localities

Ruby  is a  the most valuable gemstones, because they  have wonderful color and overwhelming brilliance. The most important, it is an extremely rare gem stone, especially  in  the high quality. If  we want to study about rubies, we can study at India which is the classical country of Rubies. The literature of  India contains a  rich and  varied  knowledge collected and handed down for over two thousand years. In the Sanskrit language Ruby is called "ratnaraj", which does in fact translate as "King of Gemstones". Future more, the  term "corundum" which  we use  today is derived from the Sanskrit word "kuruvinda".

Rubies have a  hardness of  9 on the Mohs  hardness scale and usually the color  is medium light  to dark orange red another color is called sapphire.

The value of  ruby  gemstone is base on  the several characteristics, such as, size, color, clarity  and  cut. In  the laser  industry, it  is used  to be  a medium to produce  lasers


Chemical Composition : Aluminium Oxide (AI2O3)  
Hardness : 9
Crystallography: Hexagonal - rhombohedral.
Physical Proerties: H9. SG 4.00, +0.10/-0.05 
Optical Properties. medium light to dark orange red
Chemical Composition: Aluminum oxide, the color of ruby is due to trace amounts (up to 4%) of chromium replacing aluminum in the crystal structure.

Trade Terms

Trade terms persist that originally related to localities.

Burma or Burmese ruby  is applied to what many consider the finest color; it describes stones that are red to slightly purplish red of medium dark tone and vivid saturation, or some one call "pigeon' s blood"

Ceylon or Sri Lanka ruby refers to lighter toned stones that tend to be quite brilliant.

Thai or Siam ruby refers to darker red to brownish red purplish red stones

African (Umba River) ruby is typically orange red.


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