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Ruby - Sapphire - Gemstones
Ruby - Sapphire - Gemstones
Ruby - Sapphire - Gemstones

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What'is Ruby and Sapphire?
Corundum is commonly known by some of varieties name such as ruby (red colour), blue sapphire, ...
Gem Identification Hardness is the resistance a gem mineral offers to...
Heat Treatment Historically, many gemstones have been enhanced to improve their appearance. At the present, a variety of traditional and advanced enhancements are...
Birthstones is a gemstone which is associated with a month of the Gregorian calender
Phenomena A few gemstone varieties exhibit special optical effects in visible light. We can...
Luster The luster of gems refers to the quantity and quality of light reflected from...
Transparency Most of gemstones are light colored and usually transmit some light...
birthstone by swd ruby sapphire
ruby and sapphire
indicate a type of gems
heat and enhance treatment
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